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When it comes to finding the best bitcoin exchange things are not all that easy. Why is this so? Simply because many of the best sites to buy bitcoin are rather recently online. This means that they have had little to get the word out about their services and products. Most people coming to this page will be asking how to buy bitcoin online through a secure means. Well, here is a good starting point. Let’s see how.

First thing to consider when looking for the top bitcoin exchange is how safe are the website and server. This boils down to asking: is it a trustworthy exchange providing transparent data of coins in cold storage (more on this later) and are customers happy? It’s also good to lookout for which currency pairs are available: are you looking to trade bitcoin for USD, Euros, or other fiat currencies. The location usually gives an idea of what’s on offer. However, the largest bitcoin sites usually have many options for buying bitcoin with government issued currency and altcoins.

The sheer complexity of researching where to trade bitcoin led me to make this blog. Although you should always do your own research before investing, I hope this helps. Below is the table of the best exchanges to buy bitcoin online. If you are new to cryptocurrency exchanges then lookout for the ‘beginner-friendly’ column.

Secure exchanges that are trustworthy and have good user ratings will rank higher than their peers. Extra points are given for sites to buy bitcoin with PayPal, as many users request this feature. Ranking preference is also given for sites to buy bitcoin with credit card. Check out each option on the following best bitcoin exchange list. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.


Ripple is currently available on Anycoin Direct! We’re extremely pleased to welcome Ripple, also known as XRP, on Anycoin Direct. Following many requests from our client base we’ve decided to execute this coin on the platform.

From today on, you’ll be capable to purchase XRP employing all available payment procedures on Anycoin Direct. You might also sell XRP and ask the cover out to be filed to the IBAN bank account. Purchasing digital currencies prices a 0.3% service fee per transaction, and selling has a 1 percent fee. Certain payment options draw further usage fees.


Excellent service all round

I’ve been using Anycoinirect for months now, and not a single problem. Funds arrive the next working day into my bank account in Europe, which is astonishingly fast compared to the exchanges.

The interface is clean easy to use, and quick. It tells you when you are about to do something wrong, and everything is clear.

Easy and fast

Its easy and fast, so any user can register easily.

Very quickly transaction

Very quickly transaction. Is the best choice ! 5 Stars for Anycoin Direct


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