Bit Flyer


BitFlyer is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange operating in Japan, Europe, and the US. The exchange transacted over $100 billion of volume globally in 2017 and has the highest trading volume of any exchange in Japan.

With bitFlyer’s latest entry into the US market, you might be wondering if it’s a great option for you to use. Comparable to Gemini and GDAX, the reputable platform offers a reliable method to purchase Bitcoin with USD.


Trading Fees
There’s a 0.0008 BTC transaction fee when withdrawing Bitcoin from the platform and a $10 fee when withdrawing USD.
The company hasn’t announced what their normal trading fees will be yet, but they’re running a promotion for free trades throughout the end of March.

Available Cryptocurrencies
Currently, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency you can purchase and sell on bitFlyer in the US. The exchange supports additional currency overseas, but they’re cautious with which ones they choose and are slow to roll-out support.

Transfer Limits
Your daily transfer limits are determined by your account class.

With a Trade Lite account, you can deposit and withdraw up to $2,000 every day. This limit is the same whether or not you’re transferring Bitcoin or U.S. dollars. In this account class, you also have a maximum single transaction limit of $3,000 when trading on the platform.


Company Trust

bitFlyer’s large trading volume demonstrates that investors around the globe trust the company and the people behind it. The company has also been granted the proper licensing from Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA), the European Union, and the majority of states in America.

Fund Security

bitFlyer is as secure as they come. The platform utilizes all of the standard safety procedures (SSL, multi-sig, 2FA) and stores over 80% of Bitcoin funds in an offline wallet. This wallet is secured by numerous physical locks and a 24-hour surveillance system.

Customer support

You can contact customer support via email although it’s unclear how long responses usually take. Digging through forums and reviews, it’s clear that those who use the exchange love bitFlyer and haven’t reported any issues with customer service.


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