As the .de from the name suggests, is a Bitcoin Marketplace based in Germany. Primarily, it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t a Traditional Bitcoin exchange like Bitfinex or Bitstamp. The best comparison to make is with LocalBitcoins in that it’s a stage which Connects buyers and sellers, much like an electronic trade like eBay.

On, it’s possible to market and purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and also Ethereum (ETH). Owned by Bitcoin Deutschland AG, has an association with Fidor Bank. The stage itself is easy to use. The sign-up process is rather simple, but advanced verification is required. Prices found on the stage are based on supply and demand, much like with any Bitcoin exchange.

Features aims to provide security to buyers and sellers of Bitcoin. Consumers are assigned a trust level, which instills greater confidence in buyers and sellers. It’s all quite easy: trade deals which are effective and result in a favorable consumer experience raise the trust level, while negative experiences can lower the trust degree.

  • Connected with a bank
  • Has not been hacked yet
  • 98% of coins kept in cold storage
  • Accepts bank transfers


Easier to purchase

I purchased it sold it already, it was alright. To purchase was easier than it was to market, however it worked only fine.Very burocratical but that is a fantastic thing.

Real-time trading

You are able to start trading at after connecting a banking account with the comopany. There are many benefits, like real-time trading, in the event the account is opened with FIDOR Bank. Additionally, you can transfer your BTC or BCC to the market, but you’ll still have to provide a bank account in order to withdraw your funds.

Simple to use tends to receive favorable feedback from folks using it. Particularly, many individuals believe that the trading platform is simple to use. This isn’t too surprising since it’s essentially an electronic trade as opposed to a speculative trading system with advanced features. As this type of is a fantastic option for beginners.


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