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About is the Biggest Indonesia Bitcoin Exchange that behave as backbone for the whole finance ecosystem in Indonesia that implementing cryptocurrency’s technology in charge system and remittance business. Company has grown greater than 13, 357 percent in terms of Bitcoin trading volume last year and profitable despite its fast expansion. Indonesia is among the biggest markets in Indonesia by size and growth potential particularly in remittance indurstry therefore business is well positioned to gain from it. We construct a top notch Bitcoin service business that concentrates on extraordinary client support, constant innovation and long term customer relationships. We actively updating our to increase its services. had extensive media coverage in Nationwide. For additional information, including our 0% trading fee for cryptocurrency trading, please visit our website: www.


Among the great features this web site is that their trading platform can go over all three unique devices. Yes, you’re able to utilize their trading platform out of your PCtabletcomputer, and smartphone. Which makes it simpler for individuals to be cellular, at the exact same time trade every time they want, where they are! They also have an affiliate program that everyone is able to take advantage of! Their affiliate program pays 25 percent of the transaction for selling and buying, which is fantastic.

Their SMS PIN affirmation for withdrawals is also a pricey, but useful feature to defend accounts from hackers.

Buy/Sell Instantly
Not all swap web sites have this feature that’s the reason it’s really amazing to see that has one. To purchase or sell BTC, all you have to do is log into your account head over to the left hand side panel and choose Buy/Sell Bitcoin Instantly; the system will then redirects you to the buy and sell page.

Spot Market
For individuals that love to get BTC through trading, you’re able to do this here by using their trading platform.


Customer Service

Their main customer service channel through email and they have a different email address specifically for different departments. Their general inquiry email can be reached through and they have three offices throughout Indonesia.


What’s great is that they’ve completely removed the Maker fee for all trades and this is now down to 0%. Taker fee is at 0.3% this means that when you place an order to buy or sell BTC, you are not charged with anything except the bare value of the coins you are putting up. On the other hand, taking orders cost you money.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The website accepts BTC and Rupiah deposits. This is great, since there are a lot of people that would prefer to have both options accessible for easier transactions.


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