Coincheck is Japan’s answer and heir to Mt Gox. A decent exchange that’s seeing high volume on Japans warming relation to electronic money. Fees are low with an extra surcharge for withdrawing your Yen quicker and a trading fee that encourages orderbook liquidity with with maker taker model.

The UI is east and intuitive to use with its support for foreign users.
Coincheck is a leveraged trading and spot trading platform and among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges based in Japan
and Asia as a whole. Coincheck provides leveraged trading of up to 1:5 for some cryptocurrencies for the Japanese yen. Coincheck has different
verification levels. The verification levels include; verification through a government ID, verification through an ID selfie, and thru SMS
verification. Coincheck provides a platform for trading of the following cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin Cash, Sash, Ripple, Monero, Factom, Zcash, and Augur.
Coincheck provides a two-factor authentication and cold storage in assuring that your bitcoin is always protected. For keeping the user’s bitcoins protected, Coincheck requests its users to enable a two-factor authentication and enable SMS authentication by utilizing the authentication applications provided by Google.

Coincheck facilitates controlling your stresses of cold purses by storing them on redundant and distributed servers. Consequently, making sure that the user’s assets are on a regular basis protected even when the system gets partially damaged due to disasters such a fire hazard. Coincheck provides users with selling and buying of Bitcoin feature. The selling and buying of Bitcoin feature enables users to exchange cryptocurrency during any time of the day. Coincheck also enables users to enjoy the selling and buying of Bitcoin even during weekends. The services offered to users when selling and buying Bitcoin enables fast and inexpensive overseas remittance despite of the time difference. Coincheck also provides the Coincheck landing feature that enables agreeing on consumption loan contract. The feature also provides refund cryptocurrencies that’s comparable to the deposited amount when the contract expires.


• Coincheck lending
• Coincheck payment
• Coincheck exchange
• Two-factor authentication and cold storage
• E-wallet service


Buy/sell service

Coincheck is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan and Asia as a whole. It offers leveraged trading (up to 1:5) in some crytocurrencies for Japanese yen and vice versa, a spot buy/sell service and several other services.

Security of Funds

Coincheck is licensed by Japan’s Financial Services Agency, as required by local law. Last year Japan became the first country to introduce regulation of cryptocurrencies and exchanges on a national levels and confirmed its position among the cryptocurrency pioneers of the world.

Trading platform

Due to the nature of Coincheck’s business, there several platforms, but we had a look at the trading platform. Leveraged trading is done through the TradeView platform


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