Indacoin is a UK based cryptocurrency market which offers its services worldwide and provides purchase and sell solutions to the two most popular alt coins: Bitcoin and Ether. In accordance with the site’s FAQ section, rather soon Indacoin is planning to also begin offering Litecoin along with other coins. The minimum sum that a cryptocurrency can be purchased is $1. The exchange accepts USD, EUR and RUB as fiat currencies.

It is easy to purchase bitcoins on Indacoin. But costs are much higher compared to the mid market speed. Employing bitcoin to get a money transfer could be complicated. You need to deal with all the steps for the transport yourself, there is no service that does all of it for you. If you are up for the challenge, you will now need a bitcoin platform such as Indacoin. Let us have a look at Indacoin to see if it is a fantastic choice for a money transport.


  • Offered in over 200 nations.
  • Accepts credit or debit, Payza and BTC-e code.
  • No purchase limits for initial couple of transfers.
  • No fee to deposit cryptocurrency.


Highly secured service

Indacoin does supply some kind of own e wallet, but customers could incorporate one of their very own choosing. In addition, the market requires two step verification only once – when verifying the payment procedure.

Methods of payment

Indacoin is the only one company in the world that lets purchase bitcoins with Visa or Mastercard immediately and without registration. And obviously bank cards is the most easy and manner of getting bitcoins.

Easy to use

I’m a personal user of Coinmama since past 5 months and I will certainly give it thumbs up based on my personal experience. You can directly purchase Bitcoins and Ether via Credit Card in India without hassle and may define the personal wallet where you need your coins to be credited.


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