Poloniex comes in a close second after Bittrex with regards to altcoin trading. it’s about half the number of pairs Bittrex offers. Users that prefer to not use Bittrex would more than likely be using Poloniex to trade altcoins. Poloniex is a digital asset trading exchange that differs from other … original trade functions, as well as an expanded range of trading features.


Advanced trading tools
Take benefit of dozens of technical indications and our robust Application programming interface to inform and execute your trading strategy.

Cold storage and 24/7 monitoring
To defend your money, we keep most deposits in air-gapped cold storage. Online, we only have what’s needed for active trading. We also monitor activity 24/7 to block any suspicious activity.

Innovative projects
Access the most recent tokens and technology which are pushing the industry forward. Developers, your brightest ideas are welcome.



According to Poloniex.com, the exchange’s on-line headquarters, Poloniex operates based on a volume-tiered, maker-taker fee
schedule which was adopted in March 2016. Put simply, the higher a user’s trading volume over the previous 30-day period is, the lower the
fees that user experiences.

Security, Insolvency, and Hacking Concerns

As with most cryptocurrency exchanges, Poloniex has made it a priority to guarantee
that users experience safety and security while transacting. As such, Poloniex ensures that “the majority of client deposits are stored
off-line in air-gapped cold storage.

A Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange

what’s Poloniex? And how does it relate to the broader world of virtual currency? Put simply, Poloniex is a digital asset trading service.
It’s a type of exchange through which users can transact in different digital currency around the globe. In this way, Poloniex is very comparable
to any of an ever-increasing number of electronic money exchanges headquartered in various nations.


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